Emma lives in Norfolk, UK and spends her time pursuing her creative interests in art, music and fashion. From a young age she discovered a passion for creating things and was determined to continue exploring this throughout her life. Emma currently plays guitar, flute and piano all of which can be found in the art studio!

About her work

Emma’s work is all about brushwork, tone and colour. She greatly enjoys using the play of light on subject matter to bring her paintings to life. She works rapidly, completing pieces in one sitting, capturing the immediacy of the emotions felt and conveying them though expressive brushwork and colour.
Emma works in oils, either on box canvas, canvas paper or board. Her pieces are normally completed using only one or two brushes, sometimes a finer one for small details. Emma’s style is intuitive and impressionistic.
Painting is always a relaxing and spontaneous event that Emma enjoys. She hopes that this is conveyed through her pieces allowing the viewer to feel the pleasure with which each piece was painted, through her vibrant colours and playful brushstrokes.

Emma is the owner of The Tailoress which provides another way to invest her creativity.